Tick repellent clothing by Rovince

In this article I would like to explain what a tick is, how we can protect ourselfes against ticks and where most ticks are found. Many people are not aware about the dangers ticks carry with them.

What is a tick?

A tick is a mult-legged parasite which is mostly 3 to 5 mm long. As a parasite they stay alive by feeding themself with blood from other animals. Here are some animals who get bit by a tick very often:

– Dogs
– Reptiles
– Birds
– Mammals

Ticks are found all over the world where temperature is around the 15 to 40 degrees. The only are active in the warmer months, when the temperature is around 15 degrees. When they have found a host they get the blood and feed theirselfes with that. Some ticks have multiple hosts in a lifespan and some only have one host.

How do i protect myself againts ticks?

As a human it is important to be aware of the dangers of ticks. Ticks can cause many illnisses with the desease of Lyme as the best known. Ticks cause the lyme disease because they collect the disease in a former host, spreading it when they transmit blood in a new host: the human. If a tick is removed immediately lyme wont be spread. It is always better to prevent a tick bite by wearing tick repellent clothing. These are clothes which are treatet with permetrin. a liquid which paralyses ticks so they cant creap up and bite you.

It is also possible to protect yourself with tick repellent spray. but the disadvantage is that all the chemicals in the spray will be in contact with your body and skin.