Preventing and curing wasps stabbing

It’s pretty clear that you can better avoid a wasp sting. Fortunately there are plenty of tips and resources to help you a hand here.

  1. When a wasp is nearby to you, do not start to wave and hit but stay calm
  2. Watch out with sweets like lemonade and ice (especially in summer) . Wasps love these.
  3. Use a straw when you drink from a bottle or can
  4. A good building has open joints for the ventilation of the cavity wall. Wasps like to use these openings. Place specialized grills so your cavity wall can ventilate your home and still remain free of wasp nests.

Tip: The most common butt joint grids are BeeBiters. BeeBiters both during bricklaying as to retrofit into your open joint.

Suffered a wasp sting?

If you still have suffered a wasp sting, the following tips and resources to help you reduce the symptoms:

  • In order to counteract swelling can be the location of the stitch cooling for a few minutes with ice or a cold cloth
  • You can also treat the place with Afterbite Gel. This gel is specially formulated to soften the skin and soothe after insect stabbing.
  • If you got stung in your mouth, throat or on your tongue. Go directly to your GP
  • If you are allergic to wasps stabbing you should also contact directly with your physician. He can give you an adrenaline-filled syringe pen in case off emergencie.